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About Us

In 1976, once completing college, Randy Hardell went right to work for a major in-ground pool firm in Madison, WI. Little did Randy know that this would be the foundation of bigger things to come!

After 14 years of gaining knowledge and experience, Randy made the decision to go out and start his own company. In 1990 H & H POOLS & SPAS was born! Throughout the years, previous experiences taught him just what it would take to be successful in this business…starting with RELIABILITY and SERVICE. With these two things in mind, Randy knew that the rest would just follow…building pools.

Now with two retail locations and over 30 years in the pool and spa business, Randy is dedicated to providing the level of service that it takes to stay on top of today’s technology. His experience not only dictates what will work but also what’s worth the difference. To further complete your level of satisfaction, he added friendly, hardworking pool installation crews! Their committed approach insures that every phase of each pool project is done with efficiency and simplicity to their pool and spa clients. With this type of dedication it’s no wonder that Randy and his crews can have your pool completed is less than a week… and keep you dedicated for years to come.

Over the years H & H POOLS AND SPAS has grown to be one the premier pool builders in South Central WI. Being a leader of such a demanding industry is never easy. We pride our selves in the way we keep it easy for you, our valued clients! It is our goal to continually research the quality of products that make owning and maintaining pools hassle free. Giving you more free time to enjoy your swimming pool with your family and friends is our constant mission

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